This weeks Menu

Last week we seemed to get nothing done… I feel so behind. I keep planning to make the kids

My list of things to do… at least all the things I can think of.
I’m a compulsive list maker… will cross out items as they’re sorted

stockings for Christmas and never quite get round to it. I MUST GET IT DONE. I’m so behind.

Below are our evening meals and afters. Breakfast is either being cereals/ porridge or toast.

Lunch on week days: School dinners for K and N, MrC eats at work, little Miss E and I keep it simple, with sandwiches or an Oslo meal. Weekend lunches vary, from sandwiches if at home to sausage rolls or a crafty pasty if out and about. If planned in advance, I’ll make or bake something for us to take out on our weekend adventures.

This weekend does not look promising… but will keep an open mind. Not too open though, It might right on it!

Tuesday – Bacon turnovers + Blancmange

Wednesday – Steak and vegetable ragout + Welsh cakes

Thursday – Pathfinder pudding +Almond Flan

Friday – Fish and Chips + bread pudding

Saturday – Brisket of beef + Vinegar cake

Sunday – Hunt Pie + Chocolate sponge pudding

Monday – Mix and Match Monday…. What ever is left in the pantry.


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