Who said Sunday is a day of rest?


Don’t they look cosy

We woke up early to get suited and booted to make our attack on ALDI this morning… they were stocking winter kit for adults and kids and we wanted to make sure our 3 sprogs were wrapped up to keep the impending ice out! Well that’s the last time I’m doing that… it was terrifying! There were mothers and grandmothers shouting, parents on walkie talkies and other mad groups emailing and tweeting friends and family asking what sizes their children were.


I’m actually excited… sad but true

Lining up outside the doors paid off though… we fitted the kids out in snow suits (separates and water proof), thermal vests for school and snow boots (also water proof).

I finally received the card stock I ordered a while ago (the longer the wait the cheaper they get). Mr C has promised to whittle some wood for the pre-made stamps and later on in the week the kiddies and I are going to get kinky with potato printing.


oooh what a lovely mess

In the mean time the kids practised with some of the paints in our crafty cupboard… rather coincidently…. red and green.

This is where having laminate floors and a large plastic table cloth come in VERY handy… as is evident from little miss E as she covers not only her piece of paper in a mud coloured watery wash… but later the table cloth, her chest, arms, face and some of the floor…. its a good thing kids are washable!

Just a few of the decorations.... twinkle twinkle

Just a few of the decorations…. twinkle twinkle

After spending hours (over the week) watching re-runs of Kirstie’s home made Christmas… I decided to break out the old favourite salt dough recipe and finally get round to some home made tree decorations.

This is so easy to make and bake… 1/2 cup salt + 1/2 cup water + 1 cup flour… and voilà dough… well after 10 minutes of kneading. If you need to add more water at it drop by drop. Then simply roll out and cut your shapes. Once you’ve cut your shapes (and made the hole for hanging) simply pop into the microwave for 2 to 3 minutes until hard, then leave to cool.


Mucky but fun for the kids…. we added some glitter paint and sequins as well.

Once they had cooled. we painted them. Miss E loved adding her favourite pink sequins as well.

I bought 2 sets of cutters as last years seemed to have gone wandering. £1 for 6 stars of varying shapes from PoundWorld and nine Christmassy shapes from Pound stretcher for £1.29 BARGAIN!!!

I strung up a little star for little Miss E to wear as we made, baked and painted… but sadly it got nibbled on….. EYUCK!

The kids loved the idea of making their own tree decorations… it means they’ll get these same decorations out next year and the year after.

ummm not really edible miss E

ummm not really edible miss E

Home made decorations are also a lovely gift for a teacher to take home…. as the kiddies will be proud to make something themselves rather than have mum bake it, make it and them just to bring it in.

RIGHT enough waffling… I’m off to prep the veg for Sunday dinner and make some more paper balls for the tree (that isn’t up yet).

What did you all get up to this weekend? Are you Christmas prepping yet? Or have you got it all in hand? Have you even started yet?


2 responses to “Who said Sunday is a day of rest?

  1. What lovely children! You were very brave to tackle the sale, well done! I am just back from a lovely girly weekend in Lewes with two friends, guest at one of my friends’ houses. Non stop laughter, good food (they love my homemade scones!), a bit of wine, walks in the sunshine and a lot of healing female bonding. I came back tired but joyful and refreshed.

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