This weeks Menu ….brrrrrrrrrrrr

il_570xN.391752784_19fwTheres ice is in the air and suddenly walking across town for veg seems like a dodgy idea. #SlippinAndASlidin.

I’m already thinking of planning the next few weeks menu and putting away its and bits. Our shopping day falls on Christmas day that week… and there’s no way I’m going to be caught in the last minute madness… so I’m going to shop for two weeks the week before.

I’m starting to get nervous now… there seems to be more things to do than there are days now… and everything costs money. Are you prepared for the ho ho ho holidays? 

Tuesday 4th – Tortillas + Gypsy creams (and some for the biscuit tin)

Wednesday 5th – Roasted vegetable stew + Dark sticky gingerbread men (I have a new mould weeeeeeeee!)

Thursday 6th – Pork and beans + No egg brownies

Friday 7th – Fish and chips + a quick fruitcake…with left over dried fruit after we made the Christmas cake

Saturday 8th – Vegetable and bacon pie + Gingerbread biscuits… practice for edible tree decorations

Sunday 9th – Shepard’s pie + Sponge with mock cream and jam filling

Monday 10th – Mix and Match Monday + may make some mini blancmanges in the new mould 😀 because its cute 😀

What we’re getting on our weeks 20 points: Golden syrup (4 points), tin of baked beans (4 points), Weetabix (4 points) and a tin of SPAM (8 points) <<< we don’t really need the spam this week as such, but its a nice bunch of sandwiches on a cold lunchtime or some spam fritters if we’ve been out in the ice…. failing that I’ll snaffle it away for another week. Always useful.


3 responses to “This weeks Menu ….brrrrrrrrrrrr

  1. Hi, I am not sure whether this would help, but instead of using 4 whole points on only 1 tin of baked beans, would it be more economical to make your own, point-wise? I make my own all the time, with 2 lbs of haricot (navy) beans, dried and soaked overnight. Cook the beans until tender. Then make a tomato sauce by frying 1 onion, 2 tins of tomatoes, but you can use fresh tomatoes if they are off ration, two tablespoonfuls of sugar and a dash of vinegar. Blend the sauce to smooth consistency then add the beans. Salt to taste. I have calculated that this works out at 8-9 commercial tins. Much cheaper and you know exactly what goes in there. My family all love it, including my fussy son! Hope it helps.

    • We gave it a go a while ago… but the haricot beans werent left to soak long enough…. but yep… it would save on points…. i neeeeeeeeed to get baking and cooking more 😀 nothing like home made beans on home made toast

      • So true! There are two great big boxes of various flours, a total of approx. 25Kg, in the hall of my house, waiting to be unpacked and turned into bread (not all at once!). Been plagued with a cold so not much cooking recently, but as soon as I am back on my feet, I am going to do an extreme baking session! Good luck with making homemade beans. The trick is to soak them overnight, put them to cook in cold water and let it boil hard for 10 minutes before turning down to a simmer. Ah, and do not add salt until the beans are cooked and only stir with wooden spoon, not metal, as a drop in temperature can prevent them from cooking properly. Hope this helps!

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