This weeks rather late menu

Apologies for doing a lot of Blogging this last week. Mr c has been decorating up a storm at his mums house getting things ready for Christmas. Our list isn’t doing too badly….the shopping is done, the cake is done, the kids gifts are done and wrapped, tree decorations done…. Just a few bits for the family left. Not bad.


pie – before the pastry – cooling on windowsil

Evening meal: Ham and cheese toasties or tortillas

After dinner treat: Leftover fruit cake

Evening meal: Veggie pie

After dinner treat: Splatter doughnuts


Evening meal: Eggy bread and bacon

After dinner treat: Prune sponge

Evening meal: Fish and chips

After dinner treat: egg less chocolate buns

splatter doughnuts

splatter doughnuts


Evening meal: meatballs and seasonal veggies

After dinner treat: Apple fruit cake


Evening meal: Pork and seasonal veggies

After dinner treat: Gems, mock cream and jam

Evening meal: Mix and match Monday

After dinner treat:Mix and match Monday…. what ever we have left in the cupboards 😀


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