A festive two week menu … ho ho

381997_10152338449705632_1864374716_n(have thriftily recycled third ho for next year)

Okay doke… here it is our two week menu for the festive season. The reason we’re eating and shopping for two weeks is that firstly… I don’t want to get caught in the shops next week #ItWillBeInsane…. our shopping day falls right on Christmas day…. and secondly, Its nice to take a week off (sort of a week off… there will still be cooking and cleaning and much jollification)

Tuesday 18th

Ham and Cheese Toasties

Gypsy Creams (one to eat, one for tin)

Wednesday 19th

Vegetable Pie

Eggless Chocolate Buns

Thursday 20th

Liver, Vegetables and Onion Pie

Chocolate sponge pudding

Friday 21st

Fish Goujons

No Egg Chocolate Brownies

Saturday 22nd

Bacon Turnovers

Ginger Biscuits (one to eat, one for tin)

Sunday 23rd 

Minced Beef dinner with Seasonal Vegetables


Monday 24th

Brisket of Beef and Seasonal Veg

Husarenkrapfen (one to eat, one for tin)

Tuesday 25th67975_10152338595800632_690901790_n

Turkey and Seasonal Vegetables

Christmas cake with custard

Wednesday 26th

Cheesy vegetable pasta bake

Leftover tinned goodies made earlier in the week

Thursday 27th

Beef Wellies

Dark Sticky Gingerbread

Friday 28th

Fish and Chips

Gypsy creams

Saturday 29th

Sausages, Mash and beans

Shortcrust pastry tarts

Sunday 30th

Skinny beef pie

Tea bread

Monday 31st

Egg and bacon Tartlets

Sponge fingers (eggs permitting) if not then Viennese Tartlets


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