December AGAIN?

HNYAs another year rolls on its far easier to dwell on what we’ve had to endure over 2012 than what we’ve had the joy and honour of experiencing.

70 years ago would we have been getting ready for an austerity style night out with painted on stockings #MmmmGravy and smiling GI’s or would we have spent the night sobbing into our cup of tea; Pining over those loved and lost.

The wife staring glassy eyed at an empty living room chair or the mother cleaning her sons empty bedroom weren’t to know what their loved ones sacrifice would have meant then. All the propaganda and positive thinking in the world would not have filled that empty space left by them, cleared the smell of their aftershave or the sound of their voices.

Tonight, remember who fought so you could laugh without fear, dance without care and love without prejudice.

I hope your new years bring you all the happiness and blessings you have worked so hard for and deserve. Make every moment of 2013 count and don’t regret a thing… unless someone posts it on YouTube.

Thank you to the 52 thousand of you who joined us on the first year of our journey. Its meant a lot to us to know our CRAZY was valued and appreciated.

Happy 2013 to you all.


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