This weeks Menu. The first of 2013… can I get a whoop whoop!

our high streets need you

Believe it or not we’re still living of 90% ‘food parcels’… I’m not complaining, the kids are enjoying the exotic (LOL) NON-BRITISH foods. They enjoyed the tins of biscuits even better.

Today would have been shopping day… however, with it being New Years and all, all the shops here are shut :(. Thank heavens for food parcels.

Tuesday – Fish Goujons + sponge cake

A favourite… and a great way to use up the last of the gorgeous cod we have in the freezer

Wednesday – Chicken Pasta… minus the chicken + Ginger snaps

Bet you’re wondering what’s going on here… its simpler than it sounds

Thursday – Little sausage pies + sweet fritters

Managed to inherit some little foil pie tins…. plan to whip up some skinny pastry and enjoy. These are LOCAL sausages in the extreme. MrC got these from a local ex butcher… evidence that its not what you know its who you know.

Friday – Fish and Chips + Energy Bars

These aren’t like the ones you get in the shops…. from what I can read they should turn out more cake like…. not that I’m upset by this LOL

Saturday – Corned beef fritters + Flap jacks

An old’un but a good’un

Sunday- Ham and seasonal veg + Crackle cakes…. of a fashion

Another purchase of MrC’s while chatting in the pub… wonder if I left him there longer would he come back with the whole weeks shop? #NothingWrongWithALittleBlackMarket

Monday – Eggy bread, bacon and baked beans + little carrot cakes

Yum + Ooooh.


2 responses to “This weeks Menu. The first of 2013… can I get a whoop whoop!

  1. Thanks for the great ideas and recipes. I have one request that would make my life a whole lot simpler, but would require some work on your part 😉 Sorry. Is it possible to link the recipes to your weekly menu – so when it comes up I can click on it and the recipe appears??? Sometimes I don’t already have it and then have to search for it to see if we would like it. Thanks in advance. Lots of love, loving rationing with you. Sam x

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