Weighty Matters and New Years resolutions.


I cant say I’ve NEVER made the resolution to lose weight. But the closer I got to 30 the less I could be bothered with it. I was fighting an uphill battle and had started to get into the mind set I was just fat. Period.

This year I’m just wishing for health and happiness, I figure everything else will either some in its own time or with hard work.

Today, I’m a very average (ish) size and shape for my age, geography and number of LARGE babies had. But in April 2012 I was 2.5 stone heavier… a rather rounded 13 stone 8lbs. At 5 foot 5 that may not be a recipe for disaster but… I was over weight and seriously approaching obese, according to the BMI Nazis. At this precise moment I’m 11 stone exactly. And generally a lot happier with my lumps and bumps…after all there are fewer of them now.

Whoop Whoop for rationing and walking everywhere. Shoes take a beating though LOL.

BUuuuuuuT… I still have a way to go (weigh to go?). I’d like to loose another 5lbs or so but I’m smart enough to know what wants to come off will and what doesn’t wont. If I’m happy and healthy I needn’t worry too much. Everyone seems to be eager to loose those extra lbs with our shell out … well… pounds. Can I do it with a little old school wartime ethics… darn tooting. After all that’s how I’ve gotten this far!!!

Things I’ve learnt about dieting/eating/ consuming food over the last year of wartime rationing.

  • You don’t NEED to eat meat with every meal; you also don’t NEED to consume a piece of meat larger than a deck of cards. The rationing of our meat has helped with this incredibly. I work according to the rule of about 1kg for the five of us per week, which is 200g per person per week, divided over 2 meals. In our case is usually locally produced beef, occasionally pork or lamb. If we eat offal (high in iron and vit A) we do not include it in the weeks meat ration as, like with sausages, we don’t eat it every week.
  • Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and supper like a pauper. In other words eat your lovely white calories at breakfast time, a good-sized meal at lunch and something small and inoffensive at dinnertime. The reasoning for this is that your metabolism is at its best in the AM and reduces (gives up) as the day goes on.
  • Use your metabolism to your advantage. As I said earlier its at its best in the first half of the day. So instead of cutting out all joy from your diet and removing food groups permanently, try re-arranging them. If you’re worried about fats and white carbs (does NOT include potatoes), keep them in the first half of the day either for breakfast or lunch.
  • THEY’RE LYING TO YOU… a potato isn’t a carb… is a sugar factory! I kid you not! Every get that feeling a couple of hours after your evening meal that you need a little something to nibble on. This is where people make the mistake if getting out the sweets, biscuits or wine. STOP. Eat a potato. It not only fills the gap it will tire you over until breakfast. A far better habit to have on an evening.
  • If you can read you can cook. One of the things that held me back for years (from cooking from scratch) was an irrational fear of fluffing things up. Rationing food has meant I’ve had to get over this, and can recommend cooking from scratch not just to save money but also to better your health. If you make it yourself, you know what’s going into it, its therefore better for you AND you can cut out/ replace things you don’t want or make the meal to suit you. You have far better respect for the food you eat if you approach it hands on yourself.
  • Snacks are NOT your enemy. The human being was not designed to eat to eat three far-flung meals per day. It’s an assault on the digestion to shove what is in reality hours of food into your system at one time. Rather downsize your meals and eat healthy snacks in between…. Or if you’re like me in the AM (11sies) I have my piece of chocolate/ piece of cake/ biscuit or two for the day and a cup of tea.
  • Sugar is short-term fuel. Carbs are long-term fuel. You need to think more long term, less short term, remember this when you eat over the day less refined sugars and more good carbs! In other words ALWAYS EAT BREAKFAST. It quite literally is the most important meal of the day as it’s your only excuse to carb it up and enjoy it!
  • REMEMBER the old 5 a day fad… well its true. Fruit isn’t always accessible. Don’t worry. Vegetables have more of the vitamins and minerals you need anyway, they’re easy to get your hands on are far more versatile, cheaper by a long shot and are MUCH easier to fit into your day whether its cooked vegetable, raw vegetables, a side salad or baking them into cakes (like carrot, courgette, beetroot… delicious and easier than you think)
  • YOUR BODY NEEDS FAT TO LIVE! Butter is not a FAT it’s a super food FACT (click here for proof). Margarine is not for toast its for baking! Lard is better to cook with than oil. Firstly it’s not been through every process under the sun, secondly you only need a teeny weenie bit to grease the pan… that’s if you cook with anything at all. Most of the time you don’t really need to. #OilIsTheDevil unless you want to make brownies or moisturise your skin… then its nice in the bath water and cheaper than most store bought creams. Incidentally its also a good head lice treatment and conditions the scalp beautifully.
  • Candy is dandy but liquor is quicker. Cut out the booze and your half way there
    Me with friends on night out in April 2012... 13 stone 8lbs

    AND NOW FOR THE EMBARRASSING PHOTO… Me with friends on night out in April 2012… 13 stone 8lbs… one of the few photos of me in existence post 2003 (when I gave birth to miss K)

    REALLY. A little this and that here and there won’t do you a bit of harm, but living for the weekend is the reason you cant quite shift that wobbly bit and the reason your muffin top is more of a cake shelf! The limit for woman at the moment is 2 units a day… a small glass of wine, but that doesn’t mean its law. You DON’T have to drink every night; your liver might actually fancy the break. Its been shown the odd bit of wine etc can do you good but like with most things, too much can kill you, or at least kill you slowly.

  • Tea and coffee wont kill you but like with most things its not the bit that gets you it’s the company it keeps… this goes for those late night potatoes as well. A bit of coffee gets you going, a bit of tea can calm you down but don’t go overboard. I can’t stand fruit or herb teas. To my palette they either taste like ribena, toothpaste of grass cuttings. If I want to get all antioxidant with my drinks I drink a cup of REDBUSH/ ROOIBOS tea. It tastes allot like regular tea but with no tannins and OOOODLES of antioxidants. Its what we were given as kids to drink when we were ill, and can be taken black (technically red) or with milk and sugar. Most have it with honey. I’m not most people, I take it white and with a spoon of REFINED white sugar. BOOYAH!
  • Just because you ate a carrot today does not mean you have a healthy balanced diet. It means you’re an idiot with one less carrot in your fridge. This is a point that escapes a surprisingly large number of people. A kebab is not a healthy option because you at the lettuce that came with it. MacDonald’s is not a healthy option because you ordered the diet coke with your super sized burger. I think you’re just in denial.
  • Walking is better for you than jogging. FACT. see Diagram above!
  • Drink water avoid pop and all those sports drinks. We’re 70% liquid, take the hint. (Not including those of you out at new years who quickly became 70% proof LOL) If water seems a challenge try some of these ways to increase your consumption… but remember not too much. CLICK HERE or HERE.

Ummmm that’s about it (have I left anything obvious out?) … but I look forward to another year of dislodging a few more myths… and feeling confident enough to feature in a few of my own photos 😛


2 responses to “Weighty Matters and New Years resolutions.

  1. Sorry to disappoint you but – potato waffles (or any sort of potato) do NOT count towards your 5 a day.

    Get your facts right before doing your preaching.

    • Apologies if the post came across preachy, as it was not my intention. I am sorry if your reading/ research was in anyway negatively affected buy my genuine mistake.
      Rest assured it has been amended.

      Thank you kindly for pointing it out.

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