Menu… and what else begins with M…. mmmmmMonday

Mondays dinner plate looks a little sparse, as usual , but I’m not worried… its grocery shopping day tomorrow. Back to the old list of what we can and cant eat again… as the cupboards are virtually bare. Actually I’m quite relieved, all this ‘foreign’ (LOL) food we were given on or around Christmas can get us into bad habits. BACK TO THE GOOD OLD RATION!

Ooooh and if any recipe doesn’t have a link to it its because we haven’t done it yet… don’t worry we will be, and I’ll attach the link/ post as soon as its done.

Tuesday dinner

Dinner: Ham and Cheese night… this is to alleviate the pressure on the meat ration. Depending on time we’ll either have some of our ham/ cheese rations on toasties (quickest), Tortillas (easier than you think) or on a pizza (doesn’t sound 1940’s BUT all the ingredients would have been around in WW2… pizza wasn’t really eaten as it was considered ‘foreign’ food)

Pudding/ baking: Trench cake (egg-less)


Dinner: Woolton Pie

Pudding/ baking: Egg-less, Fat-less Walnut cake


Dinner: Locally produced Sausages, beans and mashed potato

Pudding/ baking: Carrot Buns


Dinner: Fish and Chips

Pudding/ baking: Gypsy creams (gloriously easy and egg-less)

skinny piesSaturday

Dinner: Skinny Pies or Pasties

Pudding/ baking: No egg chocolate brownies


Dinner: Minced (local) Beef and seasonal vegetables

Pudding/ baking: blancmange … just because its easy as well as tasty.


Dinner: Vegetable-roll with potato pastry

Pudding/ baking: leftovers


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