DinnerDinnerDinnerDinnerDinnerDinnerDinnerDinner Bat Man

2015_10152398861750632_763102986_nWe’re enjoying a quiet night in… no change there… we’re taking it easy while we let our dinners sink. The sausages (and seasonal veg) were a rare treat but VERY much enjoyed.  As sausages could quite often be in short supply, theyre not something I like to cook up too often…. perhaps if i dabbled in making my own…. hmmmmm <—- food for thought.

>>Found this interesting reading…Elderly turn to wartime thriftiness<<

In the mean time I’m soaking some lentils overnight in the water I cooked the vegetables in… thinking about swapping tomorrows pork and beans for mondays lentil soup. The kids really 408515_10152398864770632_1906598570_nenjoyed the tins of lentil soup over the Christmas holidays so I thought I’d make some of my own….so there they sit…. being all lentilly.

Well this wont get the baby a new hat….time for a cuppa and a clear up.

Did you have a frugal dinner tonight? Did you make it from scratch?


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