Make do and Mend…. a weeks wartime inspired menu

Apologies again for the lack of posts this last week. Between the lack of suitable technology and ‘life stuff’ last week was a bit of a doozy to say the least.This week I’m keeping it simple with some good old tried and tested recipes.

I’ll have to keep groceries and the kids on a very strict budget along with a little cupboard diving as our finances will be all over the place for the next couple of weeks.
Another change to the running of things will reflect in the ration amounts due to a reshuffle of the household. The ration amounts will soon be ‘re-jigged’ (very technical terminology) to reflect 1 adult and 3 children.

Not that the last couple of weeks are over (hip hip) I’m determined to take a positive view on weeks to come. All the practice clearing debt and living on a shoestring is now going to be useful as our income has dropped by two thirds. #QueueCleverCashJuggling

Keeping us all fed, healthy and happy are my biggest and only real goal at the moment. I suppose this is where rationing can help me again… not only have I got money management practice but also a beloved past time…. something to keep me occupied. #WeWillNeverSurrender


Breakfast: Toast (none of us are really up for breakfast at the moment… full of colds and flu)
Lunch: Something uninteresting for unhappy tummies… soup or something similar
Dinner: Ham and Cheese Toasties (tummies permitting)
After dinner: A cup of tea and an early bed time


Breakfast: Weetabix and milk
Lunch: Oatmeal soup
Dinner: Liver and Bacon Hotpot with seasonal vegetables and rice
After dinner: A bit of simple sponge cake may be just what the doctor ordered


Breakfast: Toast, porridge oats or weetabix
Lunch: Potato Jane or Potato Floddies
Dinner: Vegetable Pie … again with rice as we seem to have loads of it
After dinner: splatter doughnuts


Breakfast: Toast, porridge oats or weetabix
Lunch: Baked potato with leftovers on top
Dinner: Fish and vegetables with either potatoes or rice
After dinner: eggless fatless walnut cake…. quickly before i nibble away all the walnuts


Breakfast: pancakes… eggs and milk permitting
Lunch: Ham/ cheese sandwiches
Dinner: Ratatouille and home made bread
After dinner: gypsy creams


Breakfast: Toast, porridge oats or weetabix
Lunch: Lentil Soup and bread
Dinner: Minced beef and vegetables
After dinner: Dark sticky ginger cake


Breakfast: Toast, porridge oats or weetabix
Lunch: Baked potatoes with leftovers on top
Dinner: Something egg related with baked beans
After dinner: Bits and pieces of what we’ve made over the week


4 responses to “Make do and Mend…. a weeks wartime inspired menu

  1. Leaving you some positive thoughts in what seems to be a very difficult time for you. Your way of life is an inspiration, so take comfort in that thought.

  2. It doesn’t seem fair that you have worked so hard to clear all of your debts and now appear to be left high and dry but as you say it was good practice and hopefully you and the kids won’t notice much change due to a financial rejig. All the best, you inspire me to try harder. Sam x

  3. Hi, i just wanted to tell you how much i have enjoyed reading this blog and have really missed your updates. I hope you feel able to start blogging again soon.

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