A new start and a new menu… We’ve evacuated!

Yep, we’ve finally done it, we’ve evacuated the hustle and bustle of Yorkshire (HA!) for sunny scenic Cornwall. Sunny today anyway. This is actually DAY 4 of our new house, a modestly sized bungalow in a town you don’t really pass through to get anywhere…. PERFECT.


Weeeeeeeee found the park [Master N and little miss E]


Breakfast – A choice of porridge, toast (bread permitting) or cereal (this week we are lucky to have both cornflakes and Weetabix)

Lunch – Tomato soup and bread

Dinner – Eggy bread and bacon

Afters – Bakewell tart


Breakfast – As usual

Lunch – Jacket Potatoes and baked beans (or in miss E’s case with cheese)

Dinner – Steak and vegetable Ragout…. a crafty bit of steak stealing going on here

Afters – Prune roly poly


Breakfast – As usual

Lunch – Potato scones with the last of the baked beans in the tin…. or with cheese (miss E doesn’t like baked beans)

Dinner – Steak and vegetables with gravy and fresh sage&onion

Afters – bread pudding


Breakfast – as usual

Lunch – Cheese pancakes

Dinner – Pasta and ham with vegetables (and cheese permitting a sauce)

Afters – Vinegar cake


Breakfast – as usual

Lunch – Soup and bread

Dinner – Fish

Afters – Dark sticky ginger bread


Breakfast – Pancakes….. so easy and cheap

Lunch – jacket potato with what ever we can scrounge to put on it

Dinner – Corned beef rissoles, veg and mash…. plus gravy for master N aka Count Von Hollowlegs

Afters – Syrup loaf


Breakfast – as usual

Lunch – sandwiches… keeping it light and easy

Dinner – A proper Sunday dinner with stuffing, Yorkshire puddings and gravy

Afters – One egg sponge with jam (sadly no mock cream…. used all my points this week with none left for dried milk 😦 )


For those of you who are visiting this website for the first time… we are a ‘normal’ modern family… we don’t live in a 1940s style house and don’t dress up on weekends….. much.  

We spent the last year or so living, rather successfully, off 1940’s style food rations. We spent the year long experiment learning about eating locally and sustainably. We learnt in that time how to do more than just boil water, we made our own meatballs, pies, cakes, biscuits, stews, casseroles  (rabbit YUM) and even had a stab at making our own pasta.

Thats almost beautiful enough to use as a centre piece.... you can smell the freshness

Thats almost beautiful enough to use as a centre piece…. you can smell the freshness

The scales weren’t the only thing dropping digits (I lost nearly 4 stone over the experiment), Our 5 person weekly shop dropped from an embarrassing £100+ (more like £150) to an easy on the wallet £30 -£35 per week (just to remind you… that’s for 2 adults and 3 children).

And here’s the icing on the cake… no dieting, no fancy ingredients, all full fat dairy (milk, butter etc.), we cooking with lard and baked with margarine, we ate dessert most nights after dinner and nibbled on biscuits at snack/ tea time…. How did we do it?

Follow our website and find out. You can easily keep up to date on what we’re doing (plotting, planning, scheming) via facebook, the website or on twitter. You can also follow us on pinterest (sooooo addictive) or our new flickr page, where you can view the pics between the posts.

CLICK HERE if you want to know what we’ll be rationing


3 responses to “A new start and a new menu… We’ve evacuated!

  1. So pleased to see you back online, I’ve been missing your blog, so unique! I’ve always wondered about making tortillas too, I’m going to give them a go now. Best wishes for your new house!

  2. Glad to see you back, and now in my part of the world 😉 Where abouts are you in Cornwall? We are way down near Helston. It is beautiful, I hope you and the kids will be very happy here. Sam x

    • Oooh We’re about 20- 30 minutes away from Helston… I think. My geography is still getting there. I lived in east Cornwall for 7 years as a teen… never came quite this far into it though.

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