Steak and Vegetable Ragout


We REALLY enjoyed this tonight… although there was some cheating involved and we may have strayed from the original recipe. The beef used here was frozen and diced casserole beef (about £2.50 for 1lb). The peas/ beans I used were also a cheeky substitute. I really used some leftover lentils from a lentil stew we had the other day. I fried off everything as the recipe told me and then decanted it to a Pyrex dish and popped the whole thing into the oven on low until the veg softened. (about 120C)…. remembering to stir the mix in the juices/ water . It makes enough for four….. and a few rounds of butters dipping bread. YUM… VERY filling!

Rationing Revisited

This is a 2 for 1 king of meal, the steak is used to flavour this ‘stew’ and is then kept aside for another meal… crafty!


  • 1lb root vegetables in season… potatoes, onions, carrots, parsnips, swede etc
  • a little fat
  • 1lb stewing steak in one piece
  • 1 breakfast cup of previously soaked dried peas or beans
  • salt and pepper
  • water


  1. Prepare and fry the vegetables in a little fat. Fry the meat on both sides lightly
  2. Cut some of the meat into small pieces, leaving a good shaped piece of the meat ‘solid’.
  3. Place all in a sauce pan with the peas and beans, seasoning and water. Simmer gently for about 2 hours.
  4. Take out he large piece of meat and serve the rest as stew.
  5. Part of the main piece of meat can be sliced and and warmed up with hot gravy for other meals.

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