Am I just getting older?

WP_000167The last few days have being oddly chaotic… and yet I seem to have nothing to show for it (hate that)… I’ve been plotting world domination decorating the girls bedroom as my first big ‘project’ as its the room we’re all in at the moment. At the moment we’re on mattresses on the floor but hopefully that will soon be remedied. That’s the plan any way… start from the carpet and go up… room by room. As they say… it takes years to move into a house.

The garden needs the same TLC…. but we’re not worried, its fun spending the time together pulling weeds and enjoying the ‘sunshine’ (miserable today, was lovely the Sunday though). As you can see the ‘garden’ is more a gravel path and a huge flower bed. But again, we’re not worried, its got plenty of room for growing our own veg… we’ve already started planting seeds and saplings in the front garden.


Hoping this next week has some better weather so the kids and I can get out and about… there’s a lake with our name on it and we’re only a train ride away from the BIG shops and sight seeing. Not easy in crumby weather :(…. failing outdoor adventures we’ll have to stay home and bake… and plot our DIY take over of our new home [INSERT EVIL LAUGH HERE].



Lunch – Baked beans and bacon on toast with fried off tomatoes (last third of tin used the other day)

Dinner – Ham and Cheese toasties

Afters – Polish Chocolate (as in from Poland)


Lunch – Jacket potato

Dinner – Vegetable Pasta (using our Polish black market pasta) ((<— not REALLY black market, its from the Polish section in ASDA))

Afters – gypsy creams


Lunch – Spaghetti and cheese  (I have sooo much pasta its taking up a whole shelf in the cupboard)

Dinner – Pork and beans

Afters – no egg chocolate brownies


Lunch – Jacket Potato and topping yet to be determined

Dinner – Corned beef fritters

Afters – Blancmange


Lunch – Potato scones (they went down a treat last time)

Dinner – White fish and vegetables

Afters – Husarenkrapfen


Lunch – Pancakes

Dinner – Home made pizza

Afters – Oaty bars (hoping these last a while) Little miss E starts school again on Monday and she’ll be peckish when she gets home after 1


Lunch – Simple Sandwiches

Dinner – Sunday beef dinner with all the veg and whistles

Afters – What ever is left over


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