I know… I’ve been quiet this past week….

ImageI know… I’ve been quiet this past week…. my apologies. This moving into your first house on your own stuff is stressful. Don’t get me wrong I’m actually enjoying singledom… but its stressful none the less. Everything from arranging school places to ordering mattresses has been a comedy of errors. But I will be triumphant… I’m made of strong stuff. THINK POSITIVE!

Todays shining light (Monday… blerk) was my first order with CornishFoodMarket.co.uk….. well, the sausages were devoured in one sitting (dinner) as was the locally source strawberries and locally made yoghurt…YUMMM!

Soooo here’s this weeks menu (she sings) most of which is made from Cornish produce… the meat, the veg and the fruit… I even got hold of some Cornish chocolate…. but that’s MINE ALL MINE MWAHAHAHAHA.

Lunch: Leek and Potato Soup

Dinner: Locally source sausages and Mashed potato <— and local tatties FYI

Pudding/ baking: Strawberries and local Cornish Yoghurt


Lunch: Oslo meal(kids all in school…YAY… they eat lunch there…DOUBLE YAY!)

Dinner: Liver and Onion + Local seasonal veg

Pudding/ baking: gypsy creams


Lunch: Oslo meal

Dinner: local sausages, mash and baked beans (yes I know we’ve had them already this week BUT, family are visiting and I think they should taste some local produce)

Pudding/ baking: Rhubarb and custard

Lunch: oslo meal/ bread and salad

Dinner: local made beef burgers with home made rolls and salad

Pudding/ baking: apple crumble


Lunch: oslo meal

Dinner: lemon sole

Pudding/ baking: tinned peaches and custard


Lunch: soup/ oslo meal (choice for kids, they love soup)

Dinner: Corned beef hash

Pudding/ baking: berry blancmange <—- because its super berry season and the kids love it… plus its great in lunch boxes for little miss E on the days she eats lunch at nursery.


Lunch: keeping it simple, either sandwiches, soup or salad… or a combination of the above

Dinner: Pork steaks and fresh local seasonal veg

Pudding/ baking: a one egg sponge with local strawberry conserve and mock cream


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