Why is our blog different? We are the only modern family that apply the 1940’s logic of rationing and good old fashioned common sense to a modern life.Other similar blogs either live the whole 1940’s experience (complete with clothing, furniture and so on) or attach themselves to one specific area (like rationing of food). Our ethos is to apply the wartime frugality in all areas of our life (the original reuse, reduce, recycle) while maintaining a 21st century home with all its mod cons. (like the internet and colour television)

We are available for: Interviews, Reviews, Guest post writing… just drop us an email or if you would like to chat with like minded people (or us :P) just join our facebook group.



Traffic/ Stats: As of of the 31st December 2012 we have had 52,666 visitors to our website since 19th January 2012. (When we started the website)

As seen in(and heard on): 

  • Regularly seen in
  • Recently interviewed (twice) by Marlow Radio (2012)
  • Top 10 ‘piggy bank tail tips‘ for Netmums sponsored by Virgin Money (ONLY blog to be featured 3 times in the top 10)

Brit Mums. Leading the conversation


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