Our rations week by week

This section will be a revamp on what a family would have eaten ration-wise in the 1940’s, how we plan our weekly menus, what it costs us and what exactly goes into each meal/ ration. This means you will have a better idea as to what we’re buying on our ration and how much it REALLY is costing us. Each weeks shopping list (with prices and total cost) will link up to its weekly menu and explain how much of our ration is ACTUALLy be used in it.



One response to “Our rations week by week

  1. Can’t wait to see these. We are really struggling to make ends meet at the moment. I’d love to see some vegetarian/ vegan recipes too as my family consists of 3 kids and hubbie – all meat eaters and myself who is vegetarian/vegan. Great site.

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