Planning & Shopping


Every Sunday MrC and I plan the Menu for the next week (starting Tuesday, because thats when I get paid). We plot out the fixed things like Sandwich Wednesday (when miss K goes to Brownies) and Fish Friday.

Menuwise, I like to place the meat rations first… then the fish, veggie dishes etc. I try to get a good meat ration on a Tuesday since its the first day of our rationing week… the following monday nights dinner would have been mainly if not all vegetables and some biscuits/ small tarts… Tuesdays meat, veg and pudding night makes up for that.

Puddings and baked goods are planned according to whats happening on that day, and if i have time to make them. A large cake may take and hour where as a few jam tarts can take under 30 minutes including prep time.

Another example of planning around the day is Miss K’s brownies night… its right over dinner time on wednesday… And so wednesday becomes SANDWICH WEDNESDAY with a crumble (easy and quick)or quick cake for when K gets back. (little something warm and yummy before bed)

PLotting out your days like this make deciding what we’re actually going to eat on those days allot easier.

What meat we actually eat will depend on whats available this week. The veggies aren’t on ration but are also subject to availability.

For example:


Breakfast: choice between porridge, cornflakes or toast 

Lunch: Sandwiches, left overs or soup

Dinner: Steak and Potato Pie <— Obviously this week there was a sale on 500g steak and potatoes were plentyful

After dinner pudding: Puff Pastry fruity jam tarts

IF I GET TIME: I found a wonderful chocolate oat cakes recipe Im really excited to try—> All these bits and pieces baked over the week are great stored in an airtight container (or empty quality street tins from christmas) and then nibbled on over the week. It also means if I dont get time to bake later in the week I have this handy little store of its and bits I made earlier.

Another example:

Monday (day before we go shopping also known as ‘leftovers night’)

Breakfast: choice between porridge, cornflakes or toast 

Lunch: Sandwiches, left overs or soup

Dinner: Lord woolton Pie (basically a veggie pie <— great for using up the last of the veggies the night before we go shopping)

Followed by goodies baked earlier in the week (see I told you those stored baked goods would come in handy)

Rationing… It not only told you how much you can have but what was available (both on and off the ration), what was hard to get ( or blackmarket) and what was impossible to obtain.

We’re all blessed in this day and age that nothing is really out of reach, however, to save money and add some variety (very important) we consider what is cheaply available each week when writing up a menu  i.e. whats available to buy and whats coming up like specials, bogof’s, price reductions etc.  I may want a rabbit for a dinner this week, but if the butchers boys havent been shooting… i can keep wanting.

If minced beef is cheap and lamb is expensive, chances are out of those two, minced beef is going to be bought 80% of the time and pricier meats either left or bought for special occasions or family sunday dinners. Remember on the ration we (a family of 5) can only eat 1kg of red meat per week and chicken is non-existant.

Organise your pantry, fridge, freezer so you can see what you have at a glance. You wont want to dig around in there every week to see whats good and what should have been thrown away months ago.

On the subject of larders/ pantry cupboards… Tinned food, dried food (fruit or veg) and cereals all come off a point system rather than a weight ration. Each person got 16 points which could buy one of the above… or a whole heap of dried peas (YUM <— sarcasm)

There are certain things everyone should have in your stores already for example flour, salt mustard, sauces etc… these weren’t rationed in the 40′s but could be hard to obtain. (which is why you got up 4 hours earlier to make sure you were always first in line) Just because you were entitled to a point of this or a ration of that didnt mean you automatically got it… if the grocer ran out you didnt get it.

It makes me greatful for modern day conveniences like full shelves in supermarkets. (makes online shopping seem luxurious)

Perhaps the hardest part of this diet is not the planning, lack of snacking or even the food or strict rationing …. its altering your mind to accept YOU BUY YOUR GROCERIES FOR THE WEEK AND IF YOU RUN OUT OF SOMETHING … THATS JUST TOUGH. THERES NO POPPING TO THE SHOP FOR MORE.

Once the 2 meat meals are eaten and we’ve had our fish dishes… its a case of getting creative with veg. No sneaking off to the shop for some chicken nuggets or a crafty takeaway!!!

Not subtle this bit of propaganda is it lol>>>

Knowing what you actually NEED makes shopping 110% easier. After the list is made its just reminding yourself not to be tempted by non-list items (sooo hard but getting easier).


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