Tues 10th April – Mon 16th Apr 2012

Planting our own Victory Garden was one of the items on the agenda this season… Unfortunately between MrC keeping busy, kids, life, and seeds not taking… Our first attempts at seed planting failed miserably.  Not that this will hold us back… I am determined to have a veg garden planted, so in future years we’re less reliant on bought veg.

This SUMMER starts berry picking season, which the children and I are looking forward to. With what we pick we’ll bottle, jam and pickle madly to store away for the winter. The theory is that from January next year when we buy fruit/ veg that its british (as local as possible) produce. This will give us a far more realistic idea of what it was like in WW2 when imports ranged between few and non-existent.

I’m also trying to think up a clothing ration section to the experiment… not sure about how yet… but I’m working on it. First we’ll research the WW2 particulars.


Shopping list

Item price what ration    
A&B currant juice  £    0.95 as opposed to orange juice for under 5’s
sugar 1kg  £    0.95 sugar    
raisins  £    0.89 points    
cornflakes  £    0.69 points    
minced beef 500g  £    1.99 meat    
bacon  £    0.89 bacon/ ham    
tomatoes  £    0.69      
6 large FR eggs  £    0.99 eggs    
pork steaks 500g  £    2.99 meat    
margarine  £    0.89 fats    
red apples  £    0.89      
green apples  £    0.99      
3 essence pack £1.99 almond, vanilla and lemon  
carrots  £    0.39      
swede  £    0.59      
broccoli  £    0.39      
cabbage  £    0.69      
lard 250g  £    0.39 fats    
wholemeal bread  £    0.47      
ham 250g  £    1.18 bacon/ ham    
baked beans x 2 tins  £    0.60 points    
chicken small  £    2.59      
cinnamon  £    0.49      
6 hot cross buns  £    0.25 at this price I should have bought more
baking tin  £    3.49 sunflower shaped… pricey but usedfull
lettuce  £    0.89      
tinned new potatoes  £    0.23 points    
butter  £    1.19 dairy    
cheese 1.99 dairy    
TOTAL  £   31.61      

You might notice the preserve ration isnt on there… the kids fancie some golden syrup again… Im not sure whether this would have strictly counted toward the preserve ration, as it really isnt a preserve…. probably would have come under the sugar or sweet ration… or maybe the points ration since it comes in a tine..hmmmm. 

Technically chickens were rare, BUT, as the meat ration was short this week we thought we’d get a small chicken for our sunday lunch to make up the meat allowance. This would have been a real treat 70 years ago.

The 500g of minced beef with obviouslty go towards the mince and vegetabe pie on Thursday [CLICK HERE FOR THIS WEEKS MENU]

The Pork has no official plans and could either be kept for next week, or made into pies/ pasties, or used for dinner on Monday instead of Woolton pie :). Its just nice having thos options.


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