Tues 15th May – Mon 21st May 2012

This week Im feeling rather smug… some items like tea or sugar dont get used up during 1 week… so theyve stock piled a tad…therefore I dont need to buy them each week. Jam is the same, we just dont use the small 250g  jar each week. The tinned beans (baked beans) and corned beef likewise is stacking up at the back of the cupboard… as is the frozen cod in the freezer.

Theres no point buying these again and this is one of the things I check when buying the next weeks groceries… WHAT HAVE I GOT AND WHAT DO I REALLY NEED? CAN I PLAN MY MEALS AROUND WHAT I ALREADY HAVE?


Item price what ration from
Veg bag  £    1.50   Eileens
juice concentrate  £    0.95   Aldi
Cheese 250g  £    1.49 dairy ration Aldi
weekly sweets  £    0.99 sweet ration Aldi
marg  £    0.89 fat ration Aldi
1 pint milk  £    0.45 milk raiton Aldi
6 pack tomatoes  £    0.39   Aldi
green apples  £    0.89   Aldi
more green apples  £    0.89   Aldi
6 large organic eggs  £    0.99 egg ration Aldi
4 baking potatoes  £    0.39   Aldi
lean diced beef 500g  £    2.89 meat ration Aldi
bacon 250g  £    0.89 bacon/ham ration Aldi
baked beans (2 tins)  £    0.64 points Aldi
wholemeal bread  £    0.47   Aldi
minced beef 500g  £    1.99 meat ration Aldi
butter  £    1.19 dairy ration Aldi
ham 250g  £    1.18 bacon/ham ration Aldi
12 pack sausages  £    0.84 NOT RATIONED Aldi
ready roll puff pastry  £    0.99   Aldi
cereal  £    1.05 points Aldi
biscuits  £    0.23 sweet ration Aldi
spring onions  £    0.39   Aldi
vanilla ice cream  £    0.89 available but rare Aldi
TOTAL  £   23.46    

sausages and vanilla icecream are in blue this week just to remind you that just because an item was technically available… this didnt mean you could lay your hands on it.

I might go back to Eileens for another veg bag later in the week. The downside to your veg being local is that is picked at the right time…. soooo… it isnt picked early (like the big supermarkets do) and bounced over to the uk via cold storage from chile or spains etc…. soooo… it doesnt last as long. BUT… it tastes better! and is infinately cheaper… as long as you buy in season.


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