Tues 12th June to Mon 18th June 2012

Um well this week was a wee bit defunked. Between an over abundance of beef, pricey cod, picky tea and mortgage your house lamb…. we’ve gone a bit ummmmm…. well we’re well off our usual budget crunching game. We recalculated our rations and found out that we should be buying 2.5kg of beef….umm well at 1.5kg over what red meat we usually eat and the thought of more than doubling our meat intake is a bit daunting…. perhaps next week we’ll go back to 1kg per week. We just dont eat that amount, we’re fairly active people by modern standards but NOTHING in comparison with the hard work done by men and women in wartime. That cut in meat will save us a fortune off the next bill in itself.


Aldi shopping:

Dry cider


4 pints of milk

minced beef (having trouble with grinder… mrC is on that)

250g mixed fruit jam

1kg sugar

frozen cod (was so expensive fresh… still looking for a good fish monger)

325g sweeties (for all five of us, but the kids usually get all of them)

400g diced beef

streaky bacon


1 very british swede

1 tin (baked beans in case of emergencies)


6 eggs

1 loaf whole meal bread

SUBTOTAL: £20.66

Asda shopping: (items not available at Aldi)

Turkey leg (£1.71… incase of emergencies… and at that price you cant go wrong)

My tea!

Baking powder

Fresh parsley

SUBTOTAL: £5.74 (the tea was 2.49 of that… Im picky…. should switch to generic… but its awful)


2 back of rabbit (£1.49… for pies next week)

5 lamb chops (£6…… wont be dont that again… lamb is sooo pricey. £6 for 5 little chops)


Eileens (green grocer):

Veg bag (ALWAYS AWESOME VALUE…. I love these and the quality is ALWAYS brilliant! and at £1.50 you really cant go wrong)

strawberries (for the cheese cakes £2 for a punnet but theyre local and GORGEOUS so theyre worth it)

5 locally grown tomatoes (£1 and beautiful… will be using these for our home made baked beans)

Spring greens (gorgeous and 60p)


GRAND TOTAL: a shocking £38.99 [looks at feet, hangs head in shame… thats a tenner more than usual … more or less]


2 responses to “Tues 12th June to Mon 18th June 2012

  1. I bought everything from Aldi this week (except coffee which I haven’t got yet) and it came to 47.99! Gutted, I thought I’d planned everything out well – obviously not. Going to have to sort it though – just been told I’ll be getting less money from now on. I wish my kids could have school meals but at £10 per week, per kid its not gonna happen!

    • Our school is so fussy about packed lunches… and Master N loves a hot lunch… but yes it is a big cost. Our school wont allow crisps, white bread, biscuits cakes, chocolate, sweets etc…….. they suggest humous and celery sticks….. Master N was not amused, so he opted for a cooked ‘meat and 3 veg’ school dinner.
      It took us a while to get the shopping budget of to an art and we’re still working on it half a year later. Its a process… discovering what you really need.
      If it costs £47 for a weeks worth of good meals and no waste the money is not wasted and it was worth it…. if you throw away a third of it, then 1/3 of the shopping was technically unnecessery.

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