Tues 1st May – Mon 7th May 2012

This weeks shop has been a bit of a record for us… under £25 ! This week we’re trying a few offal inclusive recipes…  especially as offal is so cheap.

Most of us at one point or another have tried liver or maybe kidneys…. heart is new territory for me too and I plan to do a slow cook casserole/ on pot job with the heart sliced into small chunks and loads of gorgeous [locally grown] vegetables. CLICK HERE FOR THIS WEEKS MENU

Item price what ration from  
Veg bag  £    1.50   Eileens  
extra veg  £    3.50 LOADS OF Eileens  
Liver  £    0.64 NOT RATIONED Tesco  
butter  £    1.19 dairy ration Aldi  
sweets  £    0.89 sweet ration Aldi  
green beans  £    0.69   Aldi  
ham  £    1.18 bacon/ ham ration Aldi  
cheese  £    1.49 dairy ration Aldi  
rhubarb  £    0.69   Aldi  
leeks  £    0.55   Aldi  
baked beans (3 tins)  £    0.90 points ration Aldi  
carrots  £    0.65   Aldi  
jam  £    0.29 preserve ration Aldi  
cereal  £    1.05 points ration Aldi  
juice concentrate  £    0.95   Aldi  
1.5kg plain flour  £    0.52   Aldi  
4 pints whole milk  £    1.00 part of milk ration Aldi  
apples  £    0.85   Aldi  
2L taurus cider  £    1.95 rare but not rationed Aldi  
corned beef  £    1.55 points ration Aldi  
still need to buy some heart and kidney from Tescos (when they restock)
but this shouldn’t cost more than £2.60    
TOTAL  £   22.03  << not incl heart & kidney not yet bought    

Today, since so many have asked, I bought my fave tipple for the summer. Cider! Alcohol wasnt rationed during the war but was still expensive, therefore a luxury (sound familiar). You could also pay to fill a jug full of your favourite drink to take home… again a luxury.

I’m not that big a drinker really, but a bit is nice, so I thought a little May time (apparently british summertime) treat was okay.

If youre wondering where the main meat is on the list, we’ve built up a freezer store over the last few months, just enough for this weeks menu… assisted by the offal of course. (offal ie liver, kidneys, heart, tripe, brain and sausages were not rationed but could make up part of your weeks ration when meat was scarce)

Yes, technically you can eat brain…. but this is one bit of offal I am determined to remain closeminded about….. remember my mother saying she fed it to my sisters as babies 😛


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