Tues 22nd May to Mon 28th May 2012

Unfortunately since Ive migrated from the old PC to the newer laptop I have no fancy excel worksheet (i made it 😀 ) so this has been typed out. as usual the rationed items are in red.

These items were all bought at ALDI… as unfortunately this week, I didnt have time to buy my greens from the local grocer (2 + mile walk)….. hopefully I’ll get there tomorrow in time to buy one of their gorgeous £1.50 veggie bags for the weekend.



Cheese (cheese ration)


Butter (butter ration)

Diced beef (400g) (meat ration)

Minced beef (400g – 500g) (meat ration)

1 swede

Instant out sachets for master N

Ham (ham/ bacon ration….. actually since i didnt buy and bacon this week i should have bought twice as much ham…. only bought 250g this time)

6 large onions

Spring onions


Spring Greens

6pk tomatoes

apples(small fun sized bag)

1x 240g packet of sweets

(represents all our sweet ration for the week)

Margarine (margarine part of the fats ration)

4 pints of milk (milk ration… part of it for the week)

Cereal (would have been bought on points)

6 eggs (egg ration… 1 per person and 2 for lil Em because shes under 5)

3 tins baked beans (points ration)

1 white cabbage

Total = £24.25 NEW RECORD!


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