Tues 24th April – Mon 30th Apr 2012

I bought a bit more fresh veg this week…. but the chance encounter with our local green grocer was too good an opportunity to pass up… so thats my excuse and Im sticking to it.

Last week was such a dissapointment budget-wise and honestly I completely lost track…. I must have spent about (more or less) £60 or so on food we didnt need and top ups. {<—- bows head in shame}

Well I know £60 may not seem allot to some but its twice what we usually spend… and more than we needed. What a waste. Sooooo this week I reverted back to what I knew was cheap and some absolutely fabulous locally source veggies which I will definately be blogging on soon (the topic of locally sourced veg not my actual veg lol)

Item price what ration from
Veg bag  £    1.50   Eileens
extra veg  £    2.70   Eileens
porridge  £    0.75   asda
bacon 250g  £    0.98 bac/ham asda
veg suet  £    1.19   asda
chutney  £    1.98   asda
curry powder  £    1.10   asda
milk  £    1.00 milk aldi
juice  £    0.95   aldi
lean beef 500g  £    2.79 meat aldi
minced beef 1kg  £    2.49 meat aldi
apples  £    0.59   aldi
ham 250g  £    1.18 bac/ham aldi
flour 1.5kg  £    0.52   aldi
butter  £    1.19 butter aldi
baked beans x2  £    0.60 points aldi
cheese 250g  £    1.49 cheese aldi
jam  £    0.99 preserve aldi
corned beef  £    1.55 points aldi
eggs  £    0.99 eggs aldi
wheat bisks 36pk  £    1.89 points aldi
250g weeks sweets  £    0.79 sweet aldi
TOTAL  £   29.21  <– thats better… back to normality… well normal for us anyhooo  

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