Tues 26th June to Mon 30th June 2012

Without us needing to by meat this week the grocery bill was a lot lower… however, maybe later in the week I may buy a back or two of rabbit and make some pies for the freezer.

Item price what ration from
veggies  £    2.70 Eileens swede, greens, carrots, onions and tomatoes
harricot beans 500g  £    1.27 points ration weigh & save        
4 pints milk  £    1.00 milk ration aldi
sole 250g (frozen)  £    1.79 aldi
cheese 250g  £    1.49 cheese ration aldi
celery  £    0.39 aldi
lettuce  £    0.39 aldi
courgettes (3pack)  £    1.09   aldi        
butter  £    1.19 butter ration aldi        
ham 500g  £    2.99 ham/ bacon ration aldi        
sugar  £    0.89 sugar ration aldi        
weeks sweeties  £    1.38 sweet ration aldi        
margarine  £    0.89 fats ration aldi
roll of tea biscuits  £    0.23 aldi
6 eggs  £    0.99 egg ration aldi  
6 local tomatoes  £    1.00 Eileens
may have to buy some more greens and milk later in the week
TOTAL  £   19.68

Items on the ration not shown here were not needed.


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