Tues 27th March – Mon 2nd Apr 2012

This is my Aldi shopping list according to our weeks menu (CLICK HERE FOR MENU) Not bad going either…

The items marked in red are part of our ration.  Also listed are the rations they came out of. Eg. tinned beans & cereal come out of the additional points ration. 16 points per person would have bought 1 tin or 1 box of cereal or 1 packet of dried fruit.

As you may have noticed there are some ration items that aren’t included like eggs, lardpreserves/jam and tea. We dont buy every item every week. Lard… As we dont use an entire block per week we’ve got a bit of a stock pile. Eggs…we received  half a dozen off the neighbour yesterday.  Jam… same as lard… stock piling and tea… well, since Im the only tea drinker the bags last me for ages so i only really need to buy them once a month.

Item price what ration
White sugar 1kg  £    0.95  sugar ration
Large vine tomatoes  £    0.69  
mushrooms  £    0.69  
miced beef 500g  £    1.99 meat ration
diced beef 500g  £    2.79 meat ration
tinned baked beans  £    0.30 points ration
tinned baked beans  £    0.30 points ration
tinned baked beans  £    0.30 points ration
lettuce  £    0.89  
tinned corned beef  £    1.55 points ration
ham 226g  £    1.18 ham/ bacon ration
potatoes 2.5kg  £    0.69  
slightly salted butter  £    1.19 dairy ration
broccoli  £    0.39  
red apples  £    0.89  
back bacon 250g  £    1.19 ham/ bacon ration
cucumber  £    0.39  
biscuits 250g  £    0.49 sweets ration
1 box cornflakes  £    0.69 points ration
wholemeal bread  £    0.47  
more apples  £    0.89  
hot cross buns  £    0.49  
margarine 500g  £    0.89 fat ration
cauliflower  £    0.59  
carrots  £    0.39  
ice cream  £    0.95  
ice cream  £    0.95  
cheese 250g  £    1.49 dairy ration
Milk 4pints (4pints out of 20pint ration)  £    0.99 milk ration
TOTAL  £   25.65  


NB: Flour is another item not bought this week… its another thing that wasnt strictly speaking on ration but could be subject to avilability. We have a good store of it in the cupboard and so have no need to buy it.

The only thing this doesnt include is the Sunday lunch beef roasting joint (1kg for £5.35) that MrC has eyed up at the butcher… we’ll get that closer to the time.

You may notice there are a few unnecessery ‘lazy’ items on there… things i really didnt need and would have saved a few pennies… like hot cross buns , biscuits, bread. Some of these came of a ration, all of them I could have made myself. Yes I know £3.95 isnt exactly a rediculous spend… but it adds up. £3.95 per week is £15.80 per month or £189. 60 per year… Its all £££ you caould be spending or saving elsewhere.

A good exercise for the kids when they ask for biscuits etc at the store is … “lets put the money in THE BOTTLE and make some goodies ourselves”. Try putting £1 – £3 into a jar over a year and watch how quickly you have a shopping cart worth. That could mean your Christmas dinner (and/ or booze), a few days out, a weekend away if youve put a bit more in.

 Menu Link for this week CLICK HERE


2 responses to “Tues 27th March – Mon 2nd Apr 2012

    • Thanks 😀 Not many people know that the portion sizes in the rations were agreed and planned by nutritionists and large bodies of educated people. As we buy to those rations we not only notice a cut in wastelines and shopping costs but a cut in waste

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