Tues 29th May to Mon 4th June 2012

Is everyone Jubilee mad this week??? Even the kids school has some rather expensive looking flaglike banners and bunting decorating the outsides of the classroom.

Since little miss E and Master N are off school this week with bad sunburn (awww) I bought them some Jubilee related parafinalia…. since Master N is  big fan of the queen… some cheap plastice Union flag bunting, a large flag to hang, somewhere and a cooler bag (£1) from Tescos with a Union flag on it and the words Diamond Jubilee. Master N is now the KEEPER OF THE BAG until we go on our Jubilee picnic Monday 4th June at the local museum. Picnic menu to come at the end of the week.


A big bag of veg from Eileens and some gorgeous strawberries (in season NOW!!!)


a 500g frozen bag of lamb chops (at £1.99 its half as much as I’d pay for unfrozen)

1.5kg Flour



extra carrots (because we seem to get through a load)


the weeks sweets



2 tins baked beans

500g minced beef


wholemeal bread loaf



6 eggs (large)

Pork 500g (not bought yet, available at ALDI on thursday, not bad for £1.99)

TOTAL = £25.52

This doesnt include an extra bag of veggies I may need at the end of the week if we run out….. or Lemonade if I dont get time to make some ‘Lemonade’ for our jubilee picnic…

Keep your eyes peeled for our Picnic Menu….. coming soon 😀



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