Tues 3rd April – Mon 9th Apr 2012

Now as I posted a a blushing comment on Aldi’s facebook about how I wait all through the cold months just for their vine tomatoes (of course i posted a link to this site) I was asked does the food budget include….. wine, lager, ice cream, crisps, fruit shoots, clothing, cakes, snacks, microwave meals (things you can whip out the freezer and cook) and canned drinks.

Honestly, what we cant make out of the above items we really dont use, or miss. With the exception of clothing of course… but then I have a nifty little trick for that. But more on that later.

What about Junk food was basically the question above… and dont get me wrong…. junk food can be convenient and glorious… but we all know too much is not good for you. Juice wise the kids get a cordial bottle per week. which little miss E would have got (and shared) since she is under 5.

Cakes and biscuits (and some snacks like MrC’s pasties) are home made, so no rediculous E numbers or unnecessery preservatives. We dont really eat crisps, drink canned drinks and I loath fruit shoots. When the kids get them elsewear i keep the bottles for pic nic drinks :D.

Alcohol…. it wasnt rationed in the war, but MrC and I are only occational drinkers. As much as we love the occational tipple, these things cost money, so we save our £££ for special occations, when visitors stay over or our wedding anniversery in 2 weeks.

Below is this weeks shopping list… the only top ups we will need is more milk later in the week.

Shopping list

Item Price ration notes
Corned beef  £    1.55 points  
Sweets 250g  £    0.79 sweet  
Milk 4pints  £    1.00 milk Red items are off either the
sugar 1kg  £    0.95 sugar regular rations or points ration
margarine  £    0.89 fat  
baked beans  £    0.30 points  
baked beans  £    0.30 points  
baked beans  £    0.30 points  
cabbage  £    0.39    
broccoli  £    0.39    
Lard 250g  £    0.39 fat  
butter 250g  £    1.19 dairy  
cauliflower  £    0.79    
cheese  £    1.49 dairy  
cucumber  £    0.39    
carrots  £    0.39    
red apples  £    0.99    
green apples  £    0.99    
jam 250g  £    0.99 preserve this apricot jam was pricer than the usual mixed fruit jam that we get… but worth it on this one off.
swede  £    0.59    
minced beef 800g  £    2.49 meat this will go to make our meat balls and pasties later in the week
ham 250g  £    1.18 ham/ bacon  
leeks  £    0.69    
sausages  £    0.95   off ration meals like sausages and offal often made up the meat ration when nothing else was available
bacon 250g  £    1.19 ham/ bacon  
pork chops  £    2.99 meat our Sunday lunch and perhaps sandwiches later if theres any left
cornflakes  £    0.69 points  
tomatoes  £    0.69   weirdly not as readily available as they are today
6 free range eggs  £    0.99 eggs ration  
Wholemeal bread  £    0.47   not on ration but I usually bake myself, however im down with a horrible cold/ flu thing so 1 loaf gives me a break
TOTAL  £   27.39    


Aaah, yes my nifty little clothing trick… Every week MrC and I pay just over our estimation of what the bills will be at the first of the month…. we this into a seperate internet saver on our account and at the end of the monh, we pop it accross for the bills to come out on the first. This was we know the bills are sorted (planned for). It also means theres a little left over which i squirrel away and use to buy the kids clothing (and ours) when we need it. The last three months bought all 3 of our kids the basics of their summer wardrobes from Asda (gawd bless George). And anything else can be added as the summer goes on.

The amount is usually upwards of £50, the exact amount depends on how much we spent on sky watching films…. which we have been watching less and less of.


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