Tues 5th June to Mon 11th June 2012

This week, being the half term holidays and the jubilee, we’ve been a bit extravegant (small amount of sarcasm there as bill is still under £30)… Jubilee munchies over the weekend and monday, Ice cream and biscuits (and all the baking I’ll be doing to keep the kiddies occupied). Well its worth it, there arent that many excuses reasons to celebrate in the year…. this was a lovely change.


Shopping list

  • Squash
  • vanilla icecream (89p….. not impossible to get just rare during ww2, but for 89p a tub, proper regular sized icecream tub… cant fall off there really)
  • 4 pints of milk (will need more over week but not a problem at £1 for 4 pints)
  • sausages
  • diced beef 400g
  • minced beef 500g
  • plain flour x2
  • sugar
  • butterx2 because we didnt use our lard or marg ration this week
  • 3x baked beans
  • pears
  • apples x2
  • mustard
  • corned beef
  • tea biscuits (cant go wrong, nice for dunking and only 23p for a long tube)
  • cheese
  • 6 eggs
  • wholemeal bread
  • cereal

Total = £23.13

not including the veg we havent bought yet…..should come to about £5 so we’re still winning!


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